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HR Framework & Strategy

Whether you are starting, a family business or a corporation, we can design the best approach for your business while adhering to the principles of the most recent HR best practices.

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Organizational Culture

We can assist you whether your culture is changing, going through an acquisition, or needs to evolve due to new market dynamics. "Culture eats strategy for breakfast," Peter Drucker once said. We've seen the consequences of organizations that lack a clear vision and strategy.

Talent Strategy

With over 36 countries of experience, we have scaled, hired, and onboarded people in the most unusual scenarios and cultures. Our team can identify your needs and priorities to deliver a best-in-class Talent Strategy.

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Corporate Governance

Setting up structures and governance is never an easy task, particularly when a business expands more quickly than anticipated or wants to review its corporate structures to keep things simple, effective, and scalable. We have helped several businesses over the past few years to hire executives, design their organization goals, and scale from a basic call center or IT support operation to over 200 personnel in a short period of time.


Change Management

Mergers and acquisitions can be extremely difficult, especially if not properly planned. Employees and executives may leave, and companies may lose a significant amount of intellectual and product knowledge costing huge amounts of investments, time & talent.

Executives at Work

Executive Compensation

Having a competitive executive compensation package these days is not an easy task. Understanding the market, talent pool, and what are the competitors doing may take a huge amount of effort for companies or HR departments that do not have day-to-day experience. We are here to help!

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